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AI Guardians Book Cover - Ceramic Mug 15oz

AI Guardians Book Cover - Ceramic Mug 15oz

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Get ready to set your spirits high with a daily dose of inspiration that transcends literary bounds. Our exclusive AI Guardians coffee mug provides a portal to the futuristic landscapes meticulously crafted by author Christopher Saleh. Each dawn bears the opportunity to savor in the synergy of your morning brew and the vivid, digital world of AI Guardians.

This coffee mug doesn't just hold your favorite beverage; it cradles the essence of a tale where the lines between humankind and technology blur into an enthralling saga of survival and unity. Imagine partaking in the very rituals of the story's protagonists, the AI protectors, as you clasp onto your own vessel of daily invigoration.

For avid readers, this is a treasured extension of the realm they love to escape to. For art enthusiasts, it's a pocket-sized gallery exhibit, showcasing the marriage of technology and artistry. And for those who champion the insatiable hunt for the perfect mug, it's a crown jewel for your collection.

But why wait for your world to intersect with AI Guardians when you can hold it in your hands right now? Unveil the unseen with your morning cuppa, and as the aroma wafts your senses, let the cover of the AI Guardians not only rest on your books but in your everyday life.

Step into the sci-fi haven with each sip, and let the AI Guardians coffee mug be your trusty sidekick in traversing these ethereal domains.

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    Height, in 4.61
    Diameter, in 3.43

.: White ceramic

.: 15 oz (0.44 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle
.: Lead and BPA-free

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